jeudi 16 juin 2011

PEOPLE OF SYRIA Let the World know ! Here is how !

Dial up access for Syria :  

+492317299993, User=telecomix, Pass=telecomix 
+4953160941030, User=telecomix, Pass=telecomix
+31205350535, User=XS4all, Pass=XS4all
+431962962, User=selfnet, Pass=selfnet 
+34912910230 no password
+16033715050 no password
+4721405060   no password

+4953160941030 user : telecomix password : telecomix

@speak2tweet works in Syria. Call +16504194196 or +390662207294 or +442033184514 to hear tweets or leave a tweet.

@emcomstream works in Syria Call skype +97316199341 +12062794895 +883510001348973 to leave a msg and have it tweeted. seems to work for accessing the Google search page. Other features might use different servers at different IPs. will let most ppl get around blocks on google. Try it if you need to

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